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JUL 06 2017

Fundamental Foundation Of Outdoor Decor

Decking is more than a surface to set a lawn chair on or to roll out the grill for the weekend barbecue. It’s the fundamental foundation in the exterior decor. Homeowners should take thoughtful consideration when selecting a product — not just the color and finish of the material but also the function, maintenance and durability.

There are alternatives to pouring a slab of concrete, with pavers becoming the go-to decking material for residential applications. Travertine, natural stone, porcelain and simulated wood are taking the lead in the exterior homescape market.

One of the top U.S. manufacturers of exterior hardscape and paving stone products is Belgard. The company’s product line features a wide selection of pavers, including the hottest trend in exterior flooring applications: the porcelain pavers. 


“At Belgard, we look at all our products not just as decking, flooring or exterior hardscape, but rather as an integral element of the outdoor living experience,” said Jeff Bal, Southern California vice president of sales.

“Our products are designed to serve more than a functional purpose to have something on the ground besides dirt or gray concrete,” he continued. “We want people to use the products in a way that they look forward to spending time outside. That could be a patio, courtyard, driveway or a pool deck. Any of our products, even our wall products, are designed for families to enjoy their yard.”

Indoor activity spaces, whether it’s the kitchen, dining area, home theater, game room or office, can be replicated outdoors. Exterior flooring and vertical wall coverings contribute to enhancing the ambiance of a comfortable, full living space outdoors.

“The home exterior shouldn’t have to be a high-maintenance, lower-quality experience,” Bal said. “Whether it’s grilling, entertaining, listening to music or swimming in the pool, the idea is to stimulate the outdoor living experience and really create an extra room.”

The trend toward porcelain exterior pavers has been significant over the past two years, tripling Belgard’s sales specifically for this line of products.

Benefits of exterior porcelain pavers are their versatility and durability. Pavers can be used in multiple applications, as flooring or as a veneer. Porcelain pavers can be installed on-grade or on-concrete, and their component structure is conducive to any weather environment across the nation.

Homeowners often look to merge the exterior and interior decor to make a seamless transition. However, interior tiles are not recommended for exterior applications. Keep in mind that there are distinguishing factors between an exterior and interior porcelain product.

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